We appreciate the time and effort it takes to put together a strong application. Remember, this is about you letting us know why you are the best person for the job. Take your time with your application and ensure that you’re responding to the specific selection criteria for that position.

In the interview remember that we’ve chosen to meet with you for a reason – you’ve impressed us on paper. The interview is a chance for you to tell your story and for us to understand if you’re the right fit for the role and the company.

Top 10 Interview Tips:

  • Use interviews to your advantage – consider each one as an opportunity to practice and build upon your experience. They’re as useful for you as they are for us.
  • Be prepared. It’s a great idea to run though possible question & answer scenarios out loud, or with a friend before your interview. That old “practice makes perfect” motto rings true. Prior to the interview research the company, the role and review your application again.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat the question to make sure you’re clear and understand what is being asked.
  • You’re allowed to ask us questions, in fact we encourage it. We believe that interviews are a two way street and you are assessing us as an employer as well
  • Be yourself and try to relax, we try to make our interviews as conversational and relaxing as possible so that we can get to know the real you.
  • We will usually ask you a combination of technical and behavioural based interview questions. Whilst it’s important that you have the skills for the role we also want to find out more about how you’ve reacted in situations or handled tasks in the past
  • Remember we want to hear about what you’ve accomplished, whilst we believe in team effort we want to make sure we find out exactly what you can bring to the Metcash team
  • It’s perfectly normal that you might be nervous just make sure you tell us and we can get you a water or cup of tea to calm your nerves.
  • Arrive on time and if you think you are going to be late then please call us and let us know.
  • Give yourself some extra time if you are interviewing at one of our Mega sites as you may need to complete an induction video when you arrive.