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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to know more about Life at Metcash? Here are some of our FAQs:

Is there car parking and public transport access?

Most of our sites have free car parking available. Our office locations also generally have easy access to public transport.

If applying for a role in a distribution centre, your own reliable transport is required due to limited public transport options aligned with some shift times.

What can I expect from the hiring process?

Corporate and Support Office

After you submit your application, our Talent Acquisition team will review it against the role. You’ll receive an email within 1 week with an update on your application or an initial call with the Talent Acquisition Partner. During the call you’ll get to know about the role, Metcash’s culture and you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your aspirations and experience.

Round 1 – This will either be with your potential leader or someone you’d work closely with in the role. They’ll give you more insight into the team, what your day-to-day will be like, and the impact you will be able to have.

Round 2 – You’ll meet the head of the team. This round might involve a behavioural assessment and/or case study.

Most importantly, this is another opportunity for you to ask any questions you have. Remember this is as much about you getting to know the team and Metcash.

The end-to-end process will take anywhere between 3 to 5 weeks.

Distribution Centres, Logistics & Hardware retail

As part of your application, you will be asked to complete a series of screening questions that align with the requirements of the role.

You will quickly be advised of the outcome. If you progress, you’ll be offered the opportunity to visit the relevant site and be involved in a group interview process, which will also allow you to get a glimpse of the work environment, meet your potential supervisor and ask any questions you may have.

If successful, before your start date you will be asked to complete some pre-employment checks. After the results are received and you have passed all checks an offer will normally follow within 48 hours.

What eligibility and pre-employment checks do I need to complete?

Roles may include a medical, police check and reference checks. You will also need to provide evidence of full Work Right Status in Australia.

Who can I contact if I need help with my application?

If you need any assistance with submitting your application, you can reach out to us at

Can I get referred for a job?

Yes. Metcash has an internal referral policy. If you know anyone at Metcash, reach out to them to ask for a referral.

What assistance does Metcash offer for applicants with disabilities?

We’re committed to providing an equitable and inclusive process for all.

If you have an impairment or disability — including permanent, temporary or situational — please inform our team and they will be happy to work with you through the recruitment process (or, work with your Disability Employment Services provider if this is your preference).

Assistance includes, but is not limited to, support with navigating our careers pages and job openings, applying for roles or making specific arrangements to ensure you have equal opportunity through the interview and hiring process.

What is Metcash’s position on flexible working?

Metcash is committed to a flexible work environment that gives teams the autonomy to agree on where, when and how work is done in support of an inclusive workplace. Agreed work rhythms must work for our customers, teams, business and individuals.

It may not be possible for some roles to be performed from home.

FAQs from our Frontline

What are the various shift times?

Shift times vary for each site and role type. We’re proud to offer a wide variety of shift times and lengths to suit most people’s availability.

What PPE am I provided with?

All PPE will be provided to you. If you work in a site that requires steel capped safety footwear, you have the option to supply your own.

Can I work part time?

Yes, we have roles available for people who prefer part time work.

Will I have KPIs or goals to meet?

We’re always striving to set up team members for success. Depending on the role, managers will allocate performance measures to help team members reach goals.

Do I need to lift heavy items?

Distribution centre roles and some other frontline roles will require you to regularly lift weights of up to 12kg. However, lifting of up to 20kg may be required in certain product ranges.

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