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As a true marketing nerd and to-my-core campaign strategy enthusiast, there’s few organisations that could have measured up to Mitre 10 when it comes to opportunities to experiment. In my own experience, I’ve been able to test and learn in a team that loves to flex their creative muscles.

It’s been a creative’s dream come true.
I started my journey back in 2018 as a marketing coordinator in Metcash’s hardware pillar, supporting both the Mitre 10 and Home Timber & Hardware brands. That first year in the business gave me the opportunity to really learn the ropes. I was able to collaborate with different stakeholders from all over hardware, which meant I was getting to understand our customers and how we service them at every level of the organisation.
After I spent the first 12 months as a sponge, soaking up every ounce of information I could, I knew I was ready to take a leap into the next level of my marketing career. That leap landed me in the position of Marketing Campaign Manager. Looking back, it was a mixture of support from my leader, but also how I took the initiative to throw my hat in the ring that got me in the conversation for the role.

How my role adds value

Where my role sits is somewhat of that glue between the marketing team and the promotions and merchandise team. I work with a variety of channels to amplify our campaigns, and look after everything from setting up the promotional planner for the promotions team to deploying digital and loyalty promotions. The teams really make it easy for us to get creative. Whether the activity is our catalogue, an email EDM, or social media posts, everyone is supportive of us showcasing the brand’s cheeky personality.

What I love about my role is developing and sharing communications that we know that are supporting our members and independents. They do this by driving foot traffic into their stores and virtual shoppers onto our websites. There’s a real sense of pride in purpose that comes from this, because we’re empowering the local stores and independent retailers to get in front of shoppers.

The campaign that changed the game

One project that I am extremely proud to have been a part of is the Mitre 10 brand refresh as “the other hardware store”. Last year we had a period where there was no brand manager, so myself and my leader got to take the opportunity to drive the new identity and messaging into market. I worked on developing the plan and the media strategy, which tested my marketing prowess and helped me to build skills that have been invaluable since.

The Other Hardware Store’s brand is the lovable, cheeky maverick. This is layered on top of our mantra which is around get the job done right first time and delivering for our customers. We want to stand out amongst competitors in our marketing, just as our team members do it our store. For example, if you’re going to Mitre 10 store, you’re getting the right advice the first time from the passionate team members. There’s always someone there to help the customer and give them the advice they need to take their DIY to new heights.

The future of my career is looking incredibly bright in hardware. I’m invigorated by the work I am doing the endless opportunities to think outside of the box. For others out there who are driven by creativity and being trust to give it a go, then this organisation is the place for you.