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Striking the balance between study at work at Metcash

In today’s fast-paced world, balancing the demands of higher education and work can be challenging. We sat down with Clinton Marchi, one of our Gepps Cross team members, whose story is a shining example of dedication and mastering the balance. Clinton is a student pursuing a Bachelor of Music Compilation, and he’s successfully navigated his first year of university while working as a Metcash order picker.

“I’m studying a Bachelor of Music Compilation and coming to the end of my first year of study,” Clinton proudly shares. His journey at Metcash began with a full 40-hour work week, often including Saturday overtime. However, as he progressed in his studies, he adjusted his work schedule to accommodate his academic commitments. “Now I do 5 am-9 am Monday to Friday, giving 20 hours per week before going on to study in lectures and classes during the day,” he explains.

During university holiday breaks, Clinton goes the extra mile by coming in for additional shifts. This not only helps him financially but also coincides with the busy periods in grocery and liquor retail, such as the lead up to Christmas and Easter.

All in a Day’s Work

At Metcash, the workday for order pickers like Clinton begins with arriving at the warehouse, clocking in, and picking up equipment for the shift. This equipment includes voice-picking headsets and an electric pallet jack. Clinton elaborates, “Orders come through the headset, telling us where to go to pack the orders for sending to the grocery stores. Then the dispatch team will load the trucks.”

Safety and manual handling are paramount at Metcash, which has helped Clinton feel secure in his role. He also highlights the physical benefits of working part-time shifts: “I find the shorter shifts are good because you get more out of yourself physically. I am more energetic working the part-time shifts. It’s great exercise and keeps me fit; it has replaced the gym.”

One key aspect of Clinton’s success at Metcash is the trust and relationships he has built with his supervisors. “I have great rapport with the managers. Once you’re trained, they empower you to get the job done,” he shares. This level of trust and autonomy has allowed him to manage his job alongside his studies effectively.

But Clinton’s journey at Metcash wouldn’t have been the same without a friend who worked there and suggested he join the team. “I knew someone before I started; I had a friend that worked here who referred me and suggested I join,” he says, emphasizing the power of connections in navigating one’s career and educational pursuits.

Clinton’s journey as a Metcash order picker while pursuing a Bachelor of Music Compilation is a testament to his dedication and Metcash’s commitment to fostering a supportive and flexible work environment. He expresses his gratitude by saying, “Thank you to Metcash for allowing me to pursue higher education with a flexible career.” Clinton’s story serves as a reminder that with the right support and determination, one can successfully balance their career and education, achieving their goals and dreams.