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I began my Metcash journey five years ago as an assembler in the heart of South Australian operation, the Gepps Cross distribution centre. Over time, I moved up the ranks, transitioning to the dispatch department, where I loaded trucks. This experience laid the groundwork for my eventual promotion to a team leader in dispatch. More recently, I seized the opportunity to become a warehouse supervisor, and that’s where I stand today.

My primary motivation throughout my career is always my family, the anchor of my life. I have a partner and a young son at home, and finding a balance between work and quality time with them is crucial. For me, the little moments at home, like going to the beach or riding a bike with my son are the most important.

In addition to my work, I’ve been pursuing a work health and safety degree at university. This educational journey has complemented my role as a warehouse supervisor, allowing me to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations in the workplace. It has sharpened my skills and deepened my understanding of safety practices.

One noteworthy contribution I made at the Gepps Cross distribution centre was the introduction of an obstacle course for assemblers. This course offers crucial training for new employees who handle electric pallet jacks (EPJs), teaching them the ins and outs of maneuvering turning circles, doing proper clearance checks, and reversing. It’s a practical solution that has improved our team’s confidence on the warehouse floor, as many of them are using an EPJ for the very first time.

When I think about the reason that I’ve stayed at Metcash for over five years, I’d have to say the clear path for career advancement stands out. The company has recognised my hard work and given me opportunities to grow and progress. I’ve had the chance to step into new roles every couple of years, which has kept my journey fresh and exciting.

Apart from career progression, the mentorship I’ve received has been instrumental in boosting my self-confidence and contributing to why I stay at Metcash. The management team has dedicated time to coaching me into a more effective and humanistic leader. This experience has inspired me to create a respectful and collaborative work environment within my team.

My journey at Metcash is not just about personal growth; it’s also about family, education, and making meaningful contributions to workplace safety. Each day, I strive to be a better supervisor, father, and student, and I’m grateful for the support and opportunities that have come my way.