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Meet Jos and Allyssa – Husband and Wife Duo in our Gepps Cross Distribution Centre

Being in the business of family business, it comes as no surprise to us that we attract a lot of family-oriented people to work at Metcash. Down in our South Australian distribution centre, this is no exception. We recently sat down with Jos and Allyssa, two of our brilliant warehouse assemblers, to hear how their careers at Metcash enable them to balance work with life’s family priorities.

Jos and Allyssa, a married couple, are first and foremost parents to their 3 (almost 4!) children. But in addition to parenting, they’re both seasoned in the world of warehousing. Allyssa has been in warehouse roles for about 13 years, and Jos is coming close to his 20-year anniversary. Coming in to Metcash, they not only brought a lot of experience, but also a strong understanding of the operation and skills that allow them to excel in their roles.

“Working in a role like this one is really well suited to me”, says Allyssa, “I’m the type of person who can never sit still, so a physical job keeps me active and stimulated at work”. For Jos, it’s the skills he has been mastering for many years that make this career this right fit. “I’ve been in the industry so long, so I’ve been able to nail my technique. That means I can do the job efficiently and have complete trust from the site leaders”, he shares.

A unique way to split the day

Being a married couple with kids, working in the same organisation has enabled Jos and Allyssa to structure their day in a pretty unique way. Importantly, it’s a way that works for their family.

“I work an early, short shift in the warehouse, which fits perfectly with my family’s schedule”, said Allyssa. Starting at 5am and finishing at 9am each weekday means Allyssa is able to look after and home school her children during the day. “We’ve got the perfect system down to a tee now”, she shared, “at 9am when I finish, I meet Jos and the kids in the carpark to hand over the parenting and then Jos gets ready to start his day at 9:30am, working the day shift until 5pm”.

It doesn’t stop at the handover

Although the hours make the handover of the kids each day a seamless experience for Jos and Allyssa, that’s not the only reason why Metcash is the right fit for them. “The way the managers and leaders in this warehouse treat you is different from any other site I’ve worked at”, says Jos, “day in and day out, they take an interest in you as a person. They’re asking how I am and how the kids are and always offer an open door policy if we need to chat”.

We know that the culture on the distribution centre floor has significant impacts on the whole operation. At Gepps Cross, we’re incredibly lucky to have family-orientated people like Jos and Allyssa contributing to our culture, and we’re delighted to empower them with flexible hours that support their family schedule.