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This article was written by Ritika Mehta, Account Support Manager for Campbells.

I first joined Metcash in 2019 as an Account Support Manager in the wholesale food section. My role revolved around the partnership team, where our focus was supporting customers served by our Campbells branches and Metcash distribution centers. These customers typically include petrol and convenience stores.

A significant part of the work involved liaising with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that we meet our customers’ needs precisely when they need it. I find it rewarding to collaborate with suppliers, strategizing promotions and grow our customers portfolio. I had opportunity to visit clients and best part was attending conferences to extend the relationship with customers and suppliers. Not to mention the fun events and theme party at the conference – loved it!

A fork in the road

After working at Metcash for four years, an opportunity externally came knocking to I decided to challenge myself to further grow and learn new skills in my career. But even though I was excited about this change, but I couldn’t overlook the strong bonds I had formed with my team, managers and the supportive culture at Metcash.

I realized the importance of embracing career risks. I learned valuable skills in the time I was gone, but ultimately, the strong culture and sense of purpose I had at Metcash was what I knew I wanted long-term.

Since return, my role has evolved, with a focus on tenders and acquiring new business, the core essence of supporting clients and ensuring their success remains. There are so many opportunities out there and I am looking forward to working on them and growing my sales portfolio.

The choice to come “home”

Returning to Metcash was an easy decision for me, thanks to the inclusive culture and supportive colleagues that I knew were still there. At Metcash, I’ve found that every opinion counts and new ideas are embraced. My relationship with my direct manager is built on trust, especially when it comes to championing the customer’s voice and driving positive change, which they enable me to do at every step.

At Metcash, the work-life balance is outstanding. They prioritize family and offer flexibility that seamlessly integrates work into my life. Whether it’s spending a fifth week of annual leave with my family or balancing daily tasks between home and the office, Metcash’s flexibility is a game-changer. This flexibility also extends to our team’s daily routine. For instance, during busy periods with numerous tenders, our boss encourages us to log off early on Fridays. This proactive approach to well-being within the team goes a long way with me.