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I joined the business is about 10 years ago now. I had come out of a totally different career as a landscaper, looking for something new. My first gig within Metcash was as an agency casual in the in North Plympton C-Store Distribution Centre in South Australia, where I worked 4-hour shifts for 3 or 4 days each week. Looking back on my early days in that role where I was responsible for cleaning equipment and general store duties, it’s a great reminder of how far I’ve progressed in my career.

Curiosity is trait that I think is critical to a successful, evolving career. It takes being curious to always be wondering what else you can learn, how other areas work, and how else you can challenge yourself.

It was curiosity, paired with strong supporters around me, that propelled me forward in those earlier years. Within the C-Store and Campbells world, I went on to hold roles as a Transport Coordinator, Warehouse supervisor, and operations manager before I took a leap of faith into a sales role as a State Account Manager.

Branching out as Branch Manager

When the opportunity to take a secondment as a Branch Manager came knocking this year, it was one that I couldn’t turn down. In Campbells, the Branch Manager is the leader of a whole site. So, in this role I am in charge of everything from sales, to inventory management, to customer service and operational standards. Before I started, I would have guessed that these things would make up the meatiest parts of my time in the secondment, but in reality, it’s been people management that’s topped the list.

From a learning and development perspective, playing the part of a people leader has grown me more than any other part of the role. Understanding how to interact with people, and support them to bring their best self to work every day, is something that takes time, compassion, and energy. I have gotten more out of my relationships with the team on the shop floor than anything else.

I see it also as a good opportunity for the business. They’re getting a fresh set of eyes on the operations to see if there is any gold that can be taken from South Australia and applied in Western Australia, and vice versa.

The whole secondment is an awesome way for me to challenge myself in areas where I had dipped my toes in earlier in my career, and now can immerse myself in entirely.

The legacy I hope to leave here at Canning Vale

Working with this incredible team here at Canning Vale, the big thing I hope to leave behind is the inspiration to think bigger about their careers. I’ve been so fortunate in my time at Metcash to have had so many opportunities. For example, I went to Alice Springs when they needed operations support and I went to Western Australia during covid to help IGA get stock on the shelves when they needed it most so we could better service the Remote Outback Communities. But it’s also about being willing to say yes and being enthusiastic about giving things a go. Curiosity and enthusiasm cannot be taught, and will always help you succeed.

What keeps me at Metcash

Above and beyond the diverse and dynamic career that I’ve over the last 10 years, the other thing that keeps me at Metcash is the way it has empowered my work-life balance. Working here has given me so much runway to provide for my family and in a way that I am proud of. And day by day, the flexibility of the job and the compassion of leaders who encourage me to put family first keeps this front of mind.