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Working at Campbells has proven to be more than just a job for Terrie and Madii; it’s been a journey filled with growth, flexibility, and a genuine connection with both the company and the people they serve. Let’s dive into the unique paths these two incredible individuals have taken and explore why they have come to love their roles at Campbells.

Terrie’s Big Move

Terrie’s career at Campbells began six years ago as a Business Development Rep in Townsville. After two and a half years of excelling in her role, she seized the opportunity to become a State Account Manager in Brisbane. The move was not only a step up in her career, but also a chance to be closer to family.

“I have regular career discussions with my manager, where I flagged that I wasn’t pinned down to Townsville. He saw potential for my career to grow and subsequently put me forward for the Brisbane role,” Terrie shared. State Account Managers like Terrie oversee major state accounts, ranging from correctional facilities and health services to government tenders.

For Terrie, being a single mom, flexibility is key, and Campbells understands and supports this. “I really value the understanding the company exhibits. If there’s a family priority that comes up, I never hesitate to ask for time off or flexibility in my hours because I know it will be received with support and compassion”, shares Terrie.

Madii’s Expedition

Madii’s journey began five years ago as a telephone sales consultant in Darwin, catering to Independent Grocer stores in remote Indigenous communities. “In the Northern Territory, our main customer base are in remote communities. They’re geographically very far spread, so I was dedicated to digitally supporting their groceries stores, which were often the only store in their town”, said Madii.

After four years, she transitioned to her first BDR role in Darwin before making a life-changing move to Brisbane with the full support of Campbells and the Metcash family. Today she is working with predominantly single-site operators like fish & chip shops, takeaways, and cafes in Brisbane, where each day is never the same.

What she loves most about Campbells is undoubtedly the people. “You go into the warehouse or have your meetings, and everyone puts work aside for the first 10 minutes to check in and have a chat about life,” Madii shared, “no matter what’s going on, we always make time for connecting on the human stuff first”.

Embracing Career Development

Both Terrie and Madii share a passion for career development, and are always up for the next opportunity to challenge themselves. “Metcash’s commitment to investing in its people, encouraging them to move around within the company, and dive into learning opportunities is second to none” says Terrie. The top example for Terrie was when she participated in ‘Strive’, which is a program designed to build up and empower high-potential females leaders from across not just Campbells, but all of Metcash. “Building those cross-pillar connections was immensely valuable to my own learning”, shared Terrie.

Madii is excited about her recent participation in the LSI program, that she views as moment for deep self-reflection. “I think it’s so important to always be assessing one’s own behaviours in the workplace to help us work better with others”, said Madii, “a lot of the learning in my role happens on the job, so I’m so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this program and focus on my own soft skills”.

The Heart of Campbells

Terrie and Madii both said they share a similar view on what makes Campbells unique. “Campbells is more than just a wholesaler; it’s a partner to local businesses that is fully committed to helping those businesses succeed”, they described, “We often get mistaken for IGA, but our offerings extend beyond the traditional perception of supporting supermarkets, we’re reaching businesses in communities of all sizes”.

The whole Campbells team pride themselves in the incredible relationships they have with customers. And Madii is no exception to this. “The relationships are actually personal. Meeting customers in their stores is so huge for me. I care deeply about their livelihoods and feel they trust me to deliver on what they need”, she said.